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The Sunday Sermons X project has reached its goal for the year 2019 and will be discontinuing authoring written Homily and Discourse.

Photos updates will continue to be posted on Sunday Sermons X and the platform will evolve as Sunday Sermons X changes its scope and direction during 2020 and the following years.

Keep an eye out for our continued updates as to the goings on here at Sunday Sermons X: A Division of The Bread of Life Inc authored by Steven John Lange.

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Sermon for Sunday December 08, 2019

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Sermon for Sunday November 17, 2019

I will share with you these words of a teacher.

“Evagrius said, ‘A wandering mind is strengthened by reading, and prayer. Passion is dampened down by hunger and work and solitude. Anger is repressed by psalmody and long-suffering and mercy. But all these should be at the proper times and in due measure.”
(Benedicta Ward, The Desert Fathers: Sayings of the Early Christian Monks)

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